Sick Bluff! Doug Polk Gets Owned by Drunk on ‘Poker at the Lodge’ –


Being the owner of the poker room doesn’t make one exempt from getting owned by an inebriated opponent. Just ask Doug Polk, who couldn’t pull the trigger on a call with ace-high in an exciting hand on Poker at the Lodge.
The Upswing Poker founder is a co-owner of The Lodge Card Club in Round Rock, Texas, a suburb of Austin. He’s also a regular on Poker at the Lodge, the poker room’s live-streamed show, which airs five nights a week on YouTube.
Ace-high battles ace-high

During a recen…….


Being the proprietor of the Poker site Does not make one exempt from getting owned by an inebriated opponent. Simply ask Doug Polk, who Might not pull the set off on a name with ace-extreme in an thrilling hand on Poker On the Lodge.

The Upswing Poker founder is a co-proprietor of The Lodge Card Membership in Spherical Rock, Texas, a suburb of Austin. He is additionally A daily on Poker On the Lodge, the Poker site’s stay-streamed current, which airs 5 nights Every week on YouTube.

Ace-extreme battles ace-extreme

All by way of a current stream, Polk tangled in a hand in the direction of a participant Who’s appropriately named “Movement Adam,” Each gamers held ace-extreme and hoped to pair up, hit a straight, or make a hand Which might wInside them A huge pot. Neither hand enhanced, however one participant did make A strong play.

Movement folded to The cardboard room proprietor Inside The primary straddle who just limped for $175 complete with , hoping to induce a enhance from the second straddle. The plan labored to perfection as Movement Adam, with , bumped it As a lot as $525. Polk then three-guess it to $2,500 and acquired a name.

With a stack of over $32,000, simply overlaying his opponent, Polk guess $1,400 on a flop of and his opponent acquired here aprolongedside for the journey. The flip was the , giving both gamers a gutter-ball and Movement Adam a flush draw, However the action went look at-look at to the river, which was the .

As quickly as extra, neither participant enhanced, however That is the place aggression in no-restrict Texas primarytain’em pays off. Polk look ated the river After which his opponent moved all in for $9,700 Proper into a pot of about $8,000.

Movement Adam hadn’t performed the hand like he had a queen, and with the board paipurple, that’s A strong guess with a flush. But Polk, primarytaining two purple playing cards, Did not block any flush attracts, so he Might have been contemplating his opponent was merely over-guessting with a flush on a paipurple board.

The participant dealing with The huge guess had A troublesome choice with just ace-extreme, However it was apparent by how prolonged he took to ponder his choice — about 4 minutes — that his instincts have been telling him that his hand was probably good.

In The Long time period, the co-proprietor of The Lodge Mahal Might not pull the set off on a name and folded his uncovered playing cards. Movement Adam, Really, made constructive To level out the bluff, letting It is acknowledged that he skillfully gained a heads up pot on a bluff in the direction of In all probability The biggest heads up gamers of all-time.

That said, when all was said and carried out for the 5-hour stream, Polk nonetheless ended up worthwhile over $15,000. As for Movement Adam, he misplaced Greater than $40,000. Go decide.


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